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Hey Everyone –

I haven’t been blogging recently because I am working on a new website. The website is Blue Bell Designs .

I started this site as a place to house everything. BlogSales… Tutorials… Freebies and maybe eventually a Gallery or Forum.

In all honesty I thought it would only take me a few days at most 2 weeks to get it up and running. But I was so wrong. I have learned so much in the last little while. But while I do love the learning I have been anxious about getting the site up and running. Well it is now live. There are still a few little things here and there that I want to fix or change. But it is a working site and I am really very happy with it.

In this process I have learned about Joomla (which a couple of months ago sounded like babble), hosting, Joomla themes, extensions, components modules and plugins. I have researched carts, learned about merchant services and cPanel. This is all more stuff than I bargained for – so thank you for being patient with my absence.

Please visit me on my new site or drop me a line at

As always if you create something with my products I’d love to see it – so send me a link.

Blue Bell Designs

Blue Plastic Alpha

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The blinds on my office window are closed.  Firmly.  I don’t want to see what is blowing around out there.  It is nasty stuff.  But if I turn up my heat high enough I won’t even know how cold and snowy it is out there.  Until later when I leave the comfort of my house to go sing hymns with/for the local senior citizens.  They’ll probably have the heat cranked, too.

Here is a nifty little blue plastic alpha.  Or maybe its glass.  Hmm can’t quite tell.  You know how when you stare at something for hours you can’t quite see it anymore?

This alpha has the shadow included.  And they are also translucent (like yesterday’s clear alpha) so you can see what’s beneath them.  In this case, though, you can only see through a little bit.  Of course you can play with the opacity to make them even more transparent, if you so desire.


With the blue info tag underneath the letter it looks like it could look great on a baby boy/little boy page.  Or maybe a water page.   Like the  ocean or lake in the summer.  With lots of heat.

And don’t forget you can buy them here.

A very cool clear alpha

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I am excited to share this clear alpha with you.  Clear you say.  Yup clear.  Think plexiglass or something.

Whatever you place these letters or numbers over still shows thru underneath.  The letters and numbers are shown over a paper from the Daylight Savings Time  paper pack.

The possibilities are exciting.  You can put it over any patterened paper.  You can have journalling under the letters.  Do a tribute to Mom for Mother’s day with stuff you love about her and then place the clear letters “mom” overtop to highlight it.  You can even pile them on top of each other for a funky look.

Have fun playing with these.

Buy them here.

some new alphas

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I can see grass.  I am looking out my office window right now and I see grass. Mind you, I still see snow, but I see grass, too.  It’s such a great feeling.  There isn’t as much mud and muck as there was last week and it feels like after a long snow-filled winter, spring is finally here.  And I am gong to pretend that I don’t see the snow forecasted for Thursday.

Last week I talked about my top ten reasons for digital scrapbooking.  One of the reasons was making my own paper.  I should also include making my own alphas.

Over the past day or so I have been working on some new alphas.  I will be posting them over the next few days.

Here is the Puffy Red Glitter Stickers Alpha.  It includes the alphabet, numbers and square brackets [ ], question mark ?, and exclamation mark !.

I hope you enjoy them.

This alpha is for sale on my facebook store.

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I think digital scrapbooking is da-bomb!  In David Letterman style, here are my top ten (plus a bonus):

10. Changing my mind (it’s my right as a woman).  In the year or so that I did traditional scrapbooking I couldn’t change my mind without wasting.  Wasting a photo that I cropped wrong or changing my mind about how much I wanted to crop.  Or if I decided that another paper would go better with that layout but I had already glued stuff down on it.  With digital you can change your mind without monetary repercussions or serious amounts of time spent changing things.

9.   It’s easier to share with friends and family far and wide.  Upload to flikr, facebook, your blog, or e-mail them.

8.  It’s cheap.  You can download lots of freebies, that makes it REALLY cheap.  But you can also buy kits that are so much more economical than paper and elements.

7.  You can alter kits.  This could also be considered “cheap” (see #8), but it is more creative than that.  If you have a kit that you love but the colors don’t quite go with your photos you can recolor the paper/elements to suit your needs.

6.  Multiple prints of the same layout.  I have printed certain layout for my albums but then reprinted them for the kids albums.  You can also print different sizes.  I print 12 x 12 for certain albums of mine but 8 x 8 for the kids.

5.  If you have a laptop (which I finally do) you can easily take your scrapbooking with you.  No more packing things up, just to realize you forgot something important at home.

4.  You can re-use the same paper over and over and over again.  (again this is an extension of #8).

3.  Easy clean up.  This is an extension of the save button (see #2).  I don’t need to put things away.  Unless you have gobs of files open, but still all you have to do is close your program and it will close the files for you.  And if even if you can’t close all your files THIS SECOND – it doesn’t impede the use of your kitchen table or the spare room or where ever you have your scrapbook supplies spread out.

2. “Save.”  Wow.  This might be key for me.  If I’m scrapping and my kids need me or my husband needs the computer or any of the numerous things that can possibly come up – do, well,  I just hit the save button and I am done.

And the Number reason why I like digital scrapbooking….

NO Mess.  No glue, no stickers, no stacks of paper, no embossing powder spills…..

This picture is from several years ago when my daughter (then 2) got into my supplies and dumped out all the embossing powders and then dipped the mini ink pads and glue sticks into the powder.  My husband thought I might be mad.  I think I might have been but what could I do – I just laughed and told her that she wasn’t allowed to play with that stuff and then hugged her.  Supplies used (up) were:  11jars of embossing powder, 12 colorbox pigment inks and 1 jar or pearlex powder.

BONUS:  I also like digiscrap because it can be faster.  I average about an hour per layout unless I am making my own paper.

Well there you go.  I’d love to hear your reasons for digital scrapbooking or for traditional scrapbooking for that matter.


Cherry Lemonade Kit

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I have finished my second kit.  YAY!  In this one I have a whack of papers AND I also have alpha stickers and embellishments, too.  Some really cute paper flowers and of course, buttons, brads and ribbon.  Here are the papers. There are some solids (not shown here) that are included in the kit.

And here are the elements.

These are both available on my facebook store.  You can buy them separately or as a bundle to save.

I was at a friend’s house recently and there was a lady there showing us her digital scrapbooks.  She uses photos as backgrounds EXTENSIVELY!  In fact she had to search to find digital papers as backgrounds.  I liked the way they looked.  It was simple and added character.  Now I really don’t think I could do that all the time.  I just like paper too much.  I like patterns.  I like designs.  I like colors.  But I did think it was a good challenge.  So I decided to make one.

wild life in mexico

Here is one that has a picture of the ocean as a background but it has been altered until the point that it is just a hint of the original.

Using photos as backgrounds is another cool thing I love about digi-scrap.